✔ Gives a comfortable feeling ✔ It springs ✔ Can give the stability of a tricycle
New: the Swinging Wheels Double Twelve. Click here for more information
YES, WE CAN DELIVER THE SWINGING WHEELS TO THE UNITED STATES ! - A happy customer: “ This one is finished here in Wisconsin and I’m learning to ride it. So far so good. Next month I’ll fit the other one in Michigan. Thanks for a great kit. ” customer-wisconsin

YES, WE CAN DELIVER THE SWINGING WHEELS TO THE UNITED STATES ! - A happy customer: “ This one is finished here in Wisconsin and I’m learning to ride it. So far so good. Next month I’ll fit the other one in Michigan. Thanks for a great kit. ”

Safe and trusted

Swinging Wheels - training wheels for adults and children

Why Swinging Wheels?

  • Training wheels for big and small!
  • Swinging Wheels or a tricycle? We give you personal advice for your situation!
  • Specialized in stability and safety on your own bike!
  • Nice out, with your Swinging Wheels bike on the bike carrier!
  • Cycling with more than 2 wheels takes getting used to, we recommend that you take a trial lesson first!
  • You can try both the Swinging Wheels training wheels and a tricycle with us!
  • Trial bikes are available in ALL wheel sizes in our showroom in Ede!
  • From 20 inch children's bike, 24 inch Gazelle Balance to 28 inch Ebike with very low entry!

Double Twelves

The Swinging Wheels Double Twelves are our best alternative to tricycles for adults. With the Double Twelves you can count on 93-98% of the stability of a tricycle bicycle, and therefore more stability than regular training wheels for adults. You can recognize the Double Twelves by their gold electroplated color and double bridge.

The Double Twelves also have the advantages of the regular Swinging Wheels training wheels for adults. You can easily assemble them, so you can easily continue to take the bicycle with you on the bicycle carrier of your car. This means you can continue to take your bicycle with you on holidays. In most cases you can continue to use your current bicycle, so you do not have to purchase a new bicycle.

We recommend that you take a trial lesson at one of our locations. This way you can experience both the regular Swinging Wheels and the Double Twelves training wheels for adults and see whether the product meets your needs.

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Do you want to try the training wheels for adults and children?

In 3 simple steps

How it works!


Make an appointment

At Swinging Wheels you have the opportunity to take a trial lesson, you will get a good impression of whether the Swinging Wheels training wheels can help you. If desired, you can also rent a Swinging Wheels bicycle for a week. The trial lesson (worth € 75) is free with the purchase of the Swinging Wheels training wheels!


Try it out for yourself

Trying carefully before purchase prevents disappointment, cycling with side wheels or on a tricycle really takes some time to get used to.
Swinging Wheels cannot be returned after delivery, installation and use.


Experience first and then decide

Even after purchasing the training wheels you can use a training in Ede, this is of course free of charge!
We advise you to take a trial lesson before purchasing to see if the Swinging Wheels suits you.

Swinging Wheels


The support when cycling for when it is no longer possible alone.

Swinging Wheels are the best adult training wheels on the market. With our training wheels you will experience a new world full of freedom, relaxation and fun.

Try our adult training wheels and be convinced! With Swinging Wheels you never have to sit tense on the bike or be afraid of falling.

Can be used by all ages, so even if you are younger and need extra support when cycling, the SwingingWheels can also be used very well!

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Questions and Answers

You hear more and more about bicycle falls among the elderly, but you want to keep cycling. Sometimes you need something extra to keep feeling safe on the bike.The Swinging Wheels from B2 Products can help you with that as suspension training wheels for adults. The Swinging Wheels give you that extra bit of security, allowing you to move safely and freely on the road again. Our adult training wheels give your bike extra stability. You no longer have to worry about falls when getting on and off or stopping at a traffic light. Swinging Wheels are therefore the ideal training wheels for adults that you do not have to be ashamed of.

These support wheels are ideal for the elderly who have difficulty getting on and off. You can buy or try the Swinging Wheels via our website.

In principle, our training wheels for adults always fit. It is possible to order the Swinging Wheels separately. However, we recommend that you have the support wheels purchased and installed by a bicycle specialist. The mounting of the suspension training wheels is NOT comparable with the mounting of, for example, training wheels on a children's bicycle.
​Your bicycle specialist will install the training wheels quickly and professionally. You will also receive an explanation of how to use it. When If you have the Swinging Wheels mounted on your electric bicycle, you will immediately receive an electric tricycle with your current bicycle.

The total width of the mounted Swinging Wheels is just over 70 centimeters depending on the rear width of your bicycle. For comparison; double side bags have a width of about 55 centimeters. Your bicycle will then be just under 10 centimeters wider on each side than a bicycle bag. In some cases, the width can be up to 75-85 centimeters, due to a wide rear wheel or a gear hub.

Our Swinging Wheels are available for bicycles from wheel size 16 to 28 and also fit on your folding or children's bicycle.

Do you want to buy an electric tricycle? In that case, have our training wheels mounted on your electric bicycle. Then you have an electric tricycle for only the cost of the Swinging Wheels and assembly.

You need little time to get used to our Swinging Wheels. Especially if you can simply cycle on an adult bicycle and are only looking for a little more security when getting on and off. We then mount the support wheels a few centimeters from the ground. Most of the time, the wheels then spin in the air dancing, hence the name Swinging Wheels. However, the support wheels ensure that the bicycle remains upright when getting on and off.
When you need continuous support from the training wheels, they are mounted on the ground. It then takes a little longer to get used to, because the steering feels a bit different. This can be compared more with a tricycle.

Avoid falling with the bicycle!

You can still cycle excellently, but you recognize yourself in one or more points:
  • You become more insecure when boarding.
  • You become more insecure when dismounting.
  • You become more insecure when you stop.

If you recognize yourself in one of the above points, you run an increased risk of falling with the bicycle.

Our adult training wheels can be a good solution for you. The Swinging Wheels are suspension training wheels that fit on any adult bicycle. This gives you the stability and safety of a tricycle at a much lower cost. The Swinging Wheels can be mounted on your existing (electric) bicycle.

Do's & Don'ts

Tips, do's & don'ts for using our adult training wheels!

  • Make sure you are relaxed, preferably in a familiar environment.
  • Practice in pairs, especially in the beginning!
  • Never step and then get on, so unlearn!
  • Squeeze the brake, then sit down and cycle away.
  • When stopping/dismounting, remain seated until the bicycle has come to a standstill, then get off the saddle and first place your feet on the ground to the left and right of the bicycle for good stability.
  • Start practicing with the wheels low, and on a straight road for habituation. Wheels low is less pleasant on concave, convex and uneven road. Take enough time to practice!
  • Then place the wheels a little higher, getting on and off from a standstill is still possible, the bicycle is also more pleasant on uneven road and it is easier to drive straight ahead!
  • Keep the speed low, especially in the beginning, do not race, maximum 15 km/h, brake before corners.
  • Start with small circles, straight ahead to ''get to know the bike again''. Electric drive in start out!
  • You have learned to ride a bicycle once, so you can learn to ride with training wheels, take your time!

What our customers think

Happy customer

“This one is finished here in Wisconsin and I’m learning to ride it. So far so good. Next month I’ll fit the other one in Michigan. Thanks for a great kit.”