Swinging Wheels

Adapted children's bicycle

your cool bike with training stabilizers for children

Your own beautiful bicycle with training stabilizers for children

Maybe you already have a nice bike that you would like to keep riding. Or maybe you would like to choose a new bike that looks cool. Then we have good news for you: you can! You can stay / ride on your beautiful bike with our training wheels for children. This way you get an adapted children's bike that suits your own taste.

Our side wheels offer you the safety that ensures that you can cycle on your bike to school or to friends without any worries.

Finishing off with an adapted children's bicycle

Of course it may be that you are rehabilitating after surgery, or that you have difficulty keeping your balance. Our side wheels for children are also suitable for this. The side wheels are adjustable, so that you can take a step again and again, until the side wheels may be able to completely remove it.

Information for mom and dad

It is important for every child to exercise regularly as much as possible. You see young children running and flying around the room, climbing, scrambling and so on. They get up and sit down of their own accord. The movement ensures that they discover the world. That is absolutely positive and brings many effects that are good. It is also important for children with a disability that they get enough exercise according to their own ability.

What are the positive effects of sufficient exercise?

1. The way in which children learn is through movement and discovery. Especially when your child has multiple disabilities, this can have consequences for his / her development. By letting your child move, he / she can discover the surrounding world on their own initiative.

2. You can also help the intestines by moving alternately. With many children who have multiple disabilities you see that they suffer from blockages, which can cause a lot of pain. You may be able to reduce the complaints by moving.

3. A common complication in children who have not learned to walk is hip complaints. When you walk (sufficiently), the hip bone wears out due to the pressure that is created during walking. If you do not walk enough, there is the chance that your hip will grow abnormally or even outside the socket. By exercising enough you can (possibly) prevent this and you also build up muscle strength.

For which bicycles are Swinging Wheels suitable?

Our Swinging Wheels training stabilizers for children are suitable for bicycles from a wheel size of 14 inches and larger. On average, you can then count that your child can start with Swinging Wheels from the age of 3-5 years. For an extensive overview we have made a size chart.

To the size chart.

Your experiences

Charlie's mother

“ Charly has already covered quite a few miles. We are very happy with the bike!”

Familie Boerema

“The Swinging Wheels are a great success here in Appingedam.

School bicycle / 24 inch, nexus 7 with coaster brake. We have just bought another handlebar, because with this one it is still a bit upright. Originally more of a mountain bike.

Thijs is very happy with it! Thanks !”