Adult training wheels – Taboo?

Adult training wheels a taboo?

Despite the fact that more and more adult bicycles are equipped with training wheels, cycling sometimes still seems a taboo. Older people often do not feel comfortable with the idea of ​​cycling with training wheels. Some say training wheels are only for toddlers. In that case they only forget the important safety aspect for the elderly.

Increase in number of accidents

The number of accidents involving the elderly on bicycles has increased significantly since 2001. In 2005 this was already 21 percent. Since then it has only gotten worse. The Fietsersbond is concerned about the large number of elderly cyclists involved in accidents. According to them, the increasing amount of traffic has an additional negative influence.

The association therefore expects an increase in the number of accidents involving the elderly on bicycles. For this reason, the association regularly organizes information meetings together with various senior unions. This usually concerns the adjustment of the bicycle, searching for safer routes and choosing a bicycle with a low step through. In our opinion, there is still too little talk about training wheels for adults. This is unfair, because cycling with training wheels gives the elderly a number of great advantages.

The advantages of training WHEELS

  • More stable cycling with less risk of falling over
  • Easier to get on and off
  • Can sit in front of the traffic light
  • More confident cycling
  • No extra investment in a new bike
  • Less stress and more enjoyment of cycling
  • Enjoy cycling longer

Cycling with training wheels
for adults is safe and offers benefits that do not outweigh it
false image. Enjoy your freedom and safety on the bike with our training wheels for adults!

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