Advantages of cycling with training wheels ( part 2)

In our previous blog you could read how cycling is more efficient, good for the environment, faster, healthier, it makes you smarter and improves your resistance. In this section of the benefits of cycling with our adult training stabilizers, we mention five more benefits of

Our sixth advantage is that physical exercise on the bike ensures faster and more efficient digestion. The faster work of your bowels combined with the ability to absorb more water ensures better digestion of your food. Not only the leg muscles are trained by cycling, but also the muscles around your organs so that they work better.

The seventh reasons to use our stabilizing training wheels is that when you cycle regularly, you can better cope with stress at work. You also have better motivation. Cycling also improves mood, which in turn improves the atmosphere in the workplace. In addition, athletic employees are better able to plan and finish their work on time.

The eighth reason we can mention that cycling with our adult training wheels is also very good for your skin. Not only moving on the bike, but exercising in the fresh air, has a very good effect on your skin. Being outside and moving increases blood circulation in the skin. As a result, nutrients and oxygen are supplied and toxins can be removed faster and more efficiently. Movement also ensures a higher production of the substance collagen. This is a substance that ensures that wrinkles are less visible. In addition, damaged skin heals faster.

At number nine we have another very important reason to use our adult training wheels to go. When you cycle for 20 to 30 minutes every day, you will immediately notice that the time it takes for you to fall asleep is halved. In addition, you also sleep an hour longer. By exposing yourself to daylight and being outside, you give your body a chance to better balance the natural rhythm of thought and night. Being outside also reduces the stress hormone cortisol, which makes a good contribution to a good night’s sleep.

Finally, we mention a very important one to use our training wheels to keep going out: overweight. By cycling you lose weight, although jogging is of course faster. However, this is not always good for your knees. When you sweeten your foot, a pressure is exerted which is more than twice as great as your body weight. As a result, your knees are loaded by your weight while running. So cycling is also a good solution at that time. Most of your weight rests on the saddle, which relieves your knees.

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