Swinging Wheels

Advantages of cycling with training wheels ( part 2)

In our previous blog you could read how cycling is more efficient, good for the environment, faster, healthier, it makes you smarter and improves your resistance. In this section of the benefits of cycling with our adult training stabilizers, we mention five more benefits of optimalegezondheid.com. Our sixth advantage is that physical exercise on the

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Safer on the road

In one of our previous blogs you could already read about how many elderly people have had an accident on a bicycle in recent years. Of course, our adult training wheels provide more safety on the bike. In addition, however, to ensure that you get on your bicycle even more safely, we have listed a

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The convenience of Swinging Wheels versus a tricycle for the elderly

Our Swinging Wheels naturally have many advantages over a regular tricycle for the elderly. For example, you can easily have the wheels placed on your current bicycle, so that you retain the familiar feeling of your own bicycle. Another important advantage is the ease with which you put the wheels on your bike and take

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Ultralight Wheels!

Ultralight wheels ! Very light and very narrow fiberglass / aluminum wheels. Especially when compared to conventional spoked wheels. Make your Swingingwheels combination up to 12 cm narrower. Allows access to the narrowest door. Available in red or black Give your bike a sporty look! €150 incl VAT. per set.

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Training wheels for children

“Can the Swinging Wheels side wheels also fit on a children’s bicycle?” A customer called us a few months ago with that question. His daughter needed more support than the training wheels she now had on her bike. “My 6-year-old daughter has trouble walking, but she loves cycling! Unfortunately, her training wheels no longer help.

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