Bicycle maintenance tips (part 1)

When you have purchased our adult training wheels, you will again start using your bicycle more intensively. It is therefore important to properly maintain your bike and check it for any damage. You certainly do not always have to go to the bicycle repair shop for this. You can easily carry out a lot of maintenance and checks yourself. In the next two blogs we will discuss a number of maintenance tips from the ANWB. This is part 1.


Especially in autumn and winter, having good reflectors on your bike is extremely important. After all, in the dark, the reflectors ensure that you can be seen from a great distance. It is therefore very important that you regularly check your reflectors for damage and dirt. Sometimes a simple sponge with water can be enough to make it visible to other traffic again. Greater visibility naturally increases your safety. You can therefore also consider things like reflective clothing or reflectors on your backpack or bicycle bag.

Bicycle chain

An important part of your bicycle is of course the bicycle chain. This drives the rear wheel and maintenance is therefore a must. However, the chain can wear out after a while. Because the chain wears out, it “stretches” slowly and may even break over time. How do you notice that the chain is worn out? In many cases, the chain gets caught or made a rattling noise. By regularly lubricating the chain with a lubricant or good oil, the life of the chain is extended. When your chain is really worn out, we recommend that you replace it.


Nothing is more annoying than noticing that you have a flat tire halfway through a bike ride. According to the ANWB, a flat tire is therefore the number one cause when it comes to breakdowns for cyclists. A flat tire can almost never be completely prevented. After all, a nasty nail can always throw a spanner in the works. However, you can reduce the risk of a flat tire. For example, it is important to make sure that the tire profile is not very worn and that the tire has not dried out. It is also important that you check whether there is visible damage on the tire. Is there any damage to the tire? Then it is wise to check the tire for sharp parts and remove them. If you leave it on, they can puncture the inner tube.

Maintenance service

By checking all these maintenance points once a year, you extend the life of your bicycle. It may of course be advisable to take your bicycle to your local bicycle repair shop once a year for a good service. He can also advise you on any major maintenance that needs to be done. Do you need maintenance on our adult training wheels? Then you can always contact us.

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