Bicycle maintenance tips (part 2)

In our previous blog about the maintenance of your bicycle you have already read about the maintenance of the tires, the chain and the reflectors. In the second and final part of these tips from the ANWB, we will discuss, among other things, the maintenance of the brake, the lighting and of course our training wheels for adults.


Didn’t we also mention tires in the previous blog? That’s right, but actually we realized that a little bit of text about tires in a maintenance blog is not enough. Because what did we not talk about at all in the previous blog is the importance of regularly inflating your tires. It is not advisable to cycle with a soft tire. After all, the bicycle tires wear out faster, your bicycle is heavier, the road holding is worse and we can go on for a while. Therefore, regularly inflate your bicycle tires. Do not forget to also properly inflate our adult training wheels.


What is one of the most important parts of your bicycle? Right, the brakes. Therefore, always be aware that both the rear brake and front brake are working properly. Check these regularly. Do you notice that one of the brakes no longer works or is not working properly? Then quickly go to your local bicycle repair shop to have the brakes checked. It could be that your brakes are worn out.


A very important part of safe cycling is of course good lighting. Especially in autumn and winter, when it gets dark early, good lighting is an absolute must. Therefore, regularly check whether both your front light and rear light are working properly. Since many bicycle lights nowadays work on batteries, it is important to replace the batteries regularly. You can do this once a year, for example. In this way you avoid suddenly cycling in the dark. It is also wise to bring an extra set of separate bicycle lights to be on the safe side. This way you will also remain visible if something unexpected happens to your standard lighting.

Phone in your pocket

Despite all maintenance measures, it can happen that you unexpectedly end up with a broken chain, malfunctioning brakes or a blowout tire. Therefore, make sure you always have a cell phone with you to call for help. Maybe your son-in-law can pick you and your bike up, or quickly replace the tire. You can of course always use the Roadside Assistance Bicycle Service so that you can quickly continue cycling to your destination. Once at home, do you need maintenance on our adult training wheels? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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