Cycling after surgery

After leg surgery, such as hip surgery or knee surgery, it can sometimes be difficult to get back in the saddle. For cyclists who are back on the road, we have the Swinging Pedal as an aid; an eccentric pedal arm.

Safety is a good thing that we consider very important at Swinging Wheels. It is therefore not always safe on the public road. Car drivers who are not paying attention, low-flying geese, children who suddenly cross the road, very fast cyclists and you name it. They are all possible chances of an accident. An accident can again lead to surgery on the leg and before you know it you are out of the running for a while. That is of course very annoying, especially if you, as a fanatic cyclist, want to get back on the road as soon as possible.

Eccentric pedal arm

When you are allowed to cycle again after surgery, it is of course important to take it easy. Sometimes it can be difficult to bend your knee. The Swinging Pedal can offer a solution here. This is an eccentric pedal arm specially developed for people who have difficulty bending their knee or hip. By placing this extension on your bicycle, you can cycle from a knee angle of approximately 100 degrees. When you can move more, the eccentric pedal arm can be adjusted to narrow the angle again. Rehabilitation becomes a lot easier with the Swinging Pedal and you can do this with your own bike. The Swinging Pedal is simply mounted on your existing pedal. So no far-reaching adjustments need to be made to your bicycle.

Cycling after hip surgery

But when can you get back on your bike? Our most important advice; always listen to the doctor and/or physiotherapist. These people know exactly what you can and cannot do. It is of course different per operation how much time it takes before you can get back on your bike and a doctor can explain this to you in detail. For example, you can walk again immediately after hip surgery, but you can only get back on your bike after about six weeks. According to, cycling and swimming are good sports to start again after hip surgery. This is because you hardly burden your hip and this increases the muscle strength and flexibility in your leg. As a result, you will soon be cycling through the Dutch landscape as usual.

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