Cycling at the age of 91

At SwingingWheels we are of course focused on keeping you in the saddle for as long as possible. If you have developed a fear of falling, we will be happy to help you get over it. How does that work? Read below the experience of Familie van Manen from Veenendaal, of which Mr. is still in the saddle at the age of 91 thanks to SwingingWheels.

“My husband and I have always cycled a lot. We made many trips especially during the holidays. As my husband got older, he became afraid of getting on the bike We bought a bike with a very low step through, but despite that he remained insecure and afraid of falling. A neighbor of ours who worked at a bike shop then said: “You have to take training wheels, then you get on the bike and ride away. “ We had never heard of this and we had never seen this before. My husband is now 91 years old.

I was interested in this. We got the address in Ede to have a look and decided to put the wheels on his own trusted bicycle. That was last August. From that time on we have been wonderfully guided to ‘learn to cycle again’, because that takes time. First my husband learned to sit down, because the bike doesn’t tip over with the training wheels. Then we learned in Ede to cycle straight ahead. Next to our house is a wide tiled hallway where we could practice well. To check, we then went back to Ede, where we learned to take turns. We then put the bicycle on the bicycle carrier and went to practice on the Woonboulevard when it was quiet. Here he could practice long stretches of cycling and bends. That went great!

We were allowed to visit Ede as often as we wanted. Here the training wheels were adjusted and then we went cycling in our own neighborhood and surroundings. The more we practice, the easier it will be. All fear of falling has been overcome and steering is going well.

We are very happy with the great service we receive in Ede. It is now winter and my husband can still cycle at 91! It is also a great advantage that we can both put our bicycles on the bicycle carrier. You can easily remove and put on the SwingingWheels yourself. Compared to a tricycle, this is the ideal solution.

In health, we hope to go on bike rides together again to keep moving. “

Family van Manen from Veenendaal

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