Double Twelve

The Swinging Wheels Double Twelve

The Swinging Wheels Double Twelve are the best solution that come closest to a fixed tricycle. The Double Twelves can be recognized by their gold galvanized color and double welded bridge. The Double Twelves are very strong but still flexible enough to use the spring description.

We were increasingly asked by people with classic tricycles, 'we would like to go out again by car and bicycle, please think about that!'

The Double Twelves have been developed for this purpose, the Double Twelves are 93-98% close to fixed tricycles in terms of stability, but you still have the option to easily disassemble the Double Twelves for transport on the back of the bicycle carrier. Reassembly also takes only a few minutes.

The Double Twelves are so strong and maximally focused on tricycle use that the springs are too strong to raise, the silver Swinging Wheels are best suited for that!

The Swinging Wheels

The Swinging Wheels are often used to drive the wheels on the ground in the beginning to regain confidence.

After that, the Swinging Wheels often go up (3-5 cm) to approach the cycling feeling even more, but to maintain the safety of 'catching'.

The Swinging Wheels can still be recognized by their silver galvanized color and single welded bridge.