Swinging Wheels electric scooter

The ideal e-scooter


Finally ! more than 100 km on 1 battery charge.

Silent, powerful and beautiful.

The new SwingingWheels e-Scooter. Equipped with a very powerful battery of more than 2500Wh to enable carefree long tours.

A cup of coffee or lunch on the go?
If you want, the battery can also be charged during your culinary break at any bicycle charging point or simply in a standard socket!

Drive safely ?
2 powerful and well-controlled disc brakes at the front and rear.

Comfortable ?
Enjoy a quiet tour through our beautiful nature behind the generous windshield as a couple.

The SwingingWheels e-Scooter is supplied as standard in the colors blue metallic or black.
If desired, the E-scooter can also be "wrapped" like our model "Amersfoort" with for example the beautiful Koppelpoort!

Price from € 2,995 including VAT