Swinging Wheels - Extra Support

For All Ages

SwingingWheels are the best training wheels available for adults, but now also for children and young adults!
The amount of requests for high-quality training wheels for children and young adults has massively increased.

The SwingingWheels training wheels can be supplied in 8 inch, 12 inch and 16 inch and are suitable for children's bicycles with 14 inch wheels up to and including 28 inch wheels. Come and take a test drive first and follow our unique trial lesson where we teach you how to get on, get off, drive away from a standstill, brake and make turns. The following bikes are available for the test drive with SwingingWheels:
20 inch children's bicycle pink
20 inch folding bicycle black
24 inch bicycle silver gray
26 inch girls / boys bicycle yellow
28 inch Ebike ladies bike blue metallic with low entry.
28 inch Ebike ladies bike gray metallic with very low entry
28 inch Ebike ladies bike blue metallic with low step through and fixed side wheels (Standingwheels)