Lesson in cycling with training wheels

When you start cycling with our adult training wheels, it may take some getting used to at first. For example, you are a bit wider and when the training wheels are mounted on the ground, the steering feels slightly different. However, most of our customers have already mastered cycling with our training wheels after a week.

Of course you can also take a short trial lesson with us. When you purchase a Swinging Wheels set from us, you will receive a free trial lesson worth € 50. Do you still hesitate to buy our training wheels for adults. Then you can follow a trial lesson of one hour with us.

You may be wondering what to imagine in a trial lesson. During this lesson we will go through ten points with you, with a coffee break. First of all, it is important that you are relaxed and preferably in a familiar environment. Especially in the beginning we always practice with the two of us. It is also important that you first sit down and then cycle away. When you stop or dismount, first sit down, then place your left leg to the left of the bicycle and your right leg to the right of the bicycle. Then you get off the saddle. Keep in mind that the lower the training wheels are mounted on the ground, the more getting used to cycling requires. After all, the bicycle wants to go straight ahead. When the training wheels are mounted higher on the bike, cornering is easier. In the beginning it is also important that you do not race on your bicycle. Maintain a speed of no more than 15 kilometers per hour and brake when cornering. Also start driving small laps. Continue straight ahead to get to know the bike again. Keep the electric motor off at the beginning. Finally, take your time. You once learned to ride a bicycle, so you can learn to ride with training wheels.

Would you like to take a trial lesson? Call in advance to make a reservation on 0318- 638 288

Below you can see what our training facility in Ede looks like.

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