Safer on the road

In one of our previous blogs you could already read about how many elderly people have had an accident on a bicycle in recent years. Of course, our adult training wheels provide more safety on the bike. In addition, however, to ensure that you get on your bicycle even more safely, we have listed a number of tips from Veilig Verkeer Nederland below.

Low entry

First of all, you should consider the importance of a low step-through for your bicycle. It often becomes more and more difficult to make a leg swing when getting on as you get older. It is therefore important when purchasing a new bicycle that you take a bicycle with a low step through or one without a bar. It is a lot easier to get on and cycle just as easily. In addition, our stabilizing training wheels naturally provide extra support when getting on and off.


When you no longer have enough strength in your legs to cycle at a good pace, you can consider an electric bicycle. Riding an electric bicycle really means cycling. It is actually as if you constantly have the wind in your back and who wouldn’t want that? A tip from Veilig Verkeer Nederland? Before you buy an e-bike, take a good test ride. For example, you can rent the bicycle for a day at a bicycle shop or bicycle rental shop. When you have purchased the e-bike, it is important to get used to the bike slowly.

Saddle height

If you want to enjoy cycling, your saddle should be so high that your leg is just not completely stretched. In that case you can just touch the ground with your toes. Some people find this saddle height difficult when getting on and off. For this reason they lower the saddle. This is of course possible, but cycling is less pleasant. You can also simply purchase our adult side wheels for extra stability when getting on and off. Then you keep the pleasant cycling and safety when getting on and off.


An accident is in a small corner and that may just be prevented with a small mirror on your handlebar. This mirror helps you when you have trouble looking back. When purchasing, it is important to pay attention that the mirror is large enough and is attached to the handlebar.


If you have trouble with your balance, a tricycle may also be a good alternative to keep cycling. You sit stable and keep moving. However, purchasing a completely new tricycle is expensive. An alternative? Order our training wheels for adults and turn your own trusted bicycle into a tricycle. You can rent the training wheels for adults at our trial in Ede.

Eccentric pedal arm

An eccentric pedal arm offers a good solution for elderly people, for example, who cannot easily bend their knee anymore. At Swinging Wheels we have the Swinging Pedals. Read here more about the Swinging Pedals.

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