Safety with adult training wheels

A customer recently visited our Swinging Wheels training center in Ede on a Friday afternoon. He was looking for a good and safe solution for his 72-year-old mother. Despite her respectable age, she still regularly got on her bike for long bike rides. His mother has always loved cycling through the woods and dunes of the island of Terschelling where she lives. She also regularly made long trips with friends around her island. Unfortunately, she had now fallen by bicycle a few weeks ago. She was recovering from her broken little finger, but didn’t really dare to cycle that well anymore. Her son wondered if we might have a solution so that his mother could continue her cycling trips with peace of mind. He came to the right place. With our training wheels for adults you are safer and more stable on the road. Especially when you are older, our adult training wheels offer you more safety on the road.

This security is of course extremely important. The Algemeen Dagblad recently reported that the number of fatal accidents with e-bikes is increasing. It turns out that the electric bicycle has now become “more deadly” than the moped. The police are concerned about the welfare of the people and are advising owners of an e-bike to ride with a helmet. For extra safety, we advise Swinging Wheels to also have our adult training wheels mounted on your bicycle.

At least 79 e-bikers have been killed in a traffic accident in the Netherlands since 2014. Elderly people in particular are at risk on the electric bicycle. 87 percent of all road deaths on an e-bike are 60 years or older. According to the police, many elderly people lack the skill to ride an e-bike. An electric bicycle gives an extra push, which sometimes happens unexpectedly. This can cause a cyclist to stagger, swing and sometimes even fall. Our adult training wheels will keep you more stable on the road and therefore safer. Our training wheels not only provide safety and stability while cycling. Our adult training wheels also support your bike while getting on and off, so you can get on and off safely.

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