Swinging Wheels - Help After Surgery

Swinging Pedals

Custom pedals made for your bicycle


The Swinging Pedal is one of the newer items in the Swinging Wheels product line. This is an eccentric pedal arm specially developed for people who have difficulty bending their knee or hip. This handy cycling aid is mounted on the existing pedal.
This extension on your bicycle allows you to cycle from a knee angle of approximately 100 degrees. This makes rehabilitation a lot easier and can be applied to your own bicycle. It is ideal for, for example, the elderly after hip surgery. During the recovery process, the Swinging Pedal can be easily adjusted to reduce the angle a little at a time. Assembly takes about fifteen minutes and can easily be done at home.
The Swinging Pedal (left or right) is available now for € 245, - each (incl. VAT).
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