Swinging Wheels - Try before you buy

Test Drive

Test drive free of charge


Anyone who has purchased a Swinging Wheels set can make use of a free test drive worth € 75, - Take advantage of this!

Are you considering purchasing the Swinging Wheels? You can take a test drive with us. We guide you step by step in cycling with the Swinging Wheels and you can then experience the freedom that Swinging Wheels gives to you!
A test drive (per hour): € 75 including VAT.

Payment takes place before the start of the test drive.
If you purchase the SwingingWheels on the day of the test drive, the test drive costs will lapse.
During the test drive you will learn: a different method for getting on / sitting on a stationary bicycle, braking, dismounting, driving straight ahead and making controlled turns.
On the right you can see what our training facility in Ede looks like.