Training wheels for children

“Can the Swinging Wheels side wheels also fit on a children’s bicycle?” A customer called us a few months ago with that question. His daughter needed more support than the training wheels she now had on her bike. “My 6-year-old daughter has trouble walking, but she loves cycling! Unfortunately, her training wheels no longer help. She is also much more mobile on her bike, we want her to be able to keep doing that. ”

Yes, as parents you do everything for that, don’t you? And we as well!

 Training wheels and inch bike size

We can attach our training wheels to practically any bicycle : “normal bicycles”, folding bicycles, electric bicycles, you name it. We usually mount the side wheels for adults on 26-inch and 28-inch bicycles. But we have also been mounting our training wheels and training wheels on different sizes of children’s bicycles for a few years now. The size of a bicycle is usually indicated by the size of the wheel. Children’s bicycles are available with a wheel size of 10 inch (also called 10 ”) to 24 inch (24”). Most children learn to ride a bicycle on 12 inch and 14 inch bicycles.

The regular home-garden-and-kitchen training wheels are a great solution for 10 and 12 inch bicycles. From 14 inch children’s bicycles, the children are often too tall or too heavy for these training wheels. This makes them fall faster and they have problems getting on and off. If a child needs extra or flexible support while cycling, you will soon end up with our Swinging Wheels side wheels.

Also side wheels for 14 inch!

But… when our customer called for his daughter, we only supplied a solution for children’s bicycles from 16 inches. We are Swinging Wheels for a reason, so we discussed it fairly and took up the challenge. With some fitting, measuring and trying we found smaller training wheels of 8 inch , so actually training wheels. And they fit perfectly! Not only a good solution for a customer, but also a new product: suspension training wheels for a 14 inch children’s bicycle!

Two weeks after the phone call, the whole family came to Ede to pick up the bicycle with sprung training wheels. The moment that dear daughter got on and cycled away was indescribable …

Also: our sets of Swinging Wheels grow with your child and the bike. This way you don’t have to buy a new set every time. More about that in a next blog!

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