Why should you buy a tricycle for adults?

“A tricycle? Isn’t that just for children? ” It is a phrase that we occasionally hear from people who are thinking about buying a tricycle for adults. Nothing could be further from the truth. A tricycle for adults provides stability, safety and vitality. Enough reasons to buy a tricycle.

When you decide to buy an adult tricycle, you are certainly not alone. The tricycle for adults is becoming increasingly popular in the Netherlands. The tricycle is therefore an increasingly well-known phenomenon in the Dutch streets and polders. But why do all those people buy such a tricycle?

A tricycle for the elderly provides stability

As you get older, it can sometimes be more difficult to balance on the bike. An important reason to purchase a tricycle is therefore to get more stability on the bike. With a tricycle for the elderly you no longer have to balance the bicycle yourself. After all, the two side wheels keep the bike in perfect balance. It takes some getting used to cycling on such a tricycle. You do not have to look for the balance yourself, because the three wheels take care of this. So that balance is something you have to let go of, while you shouldn’t do that from an early age on the bike. It is therefore wise to practice on a tricycle. If you decide to buy a tricycle from us, or have your own bike converted into a tricycle, we are happy to offer you a lesson.

The tricycle for adults provides safety

The stability naturally ensures that your safety on the bike is increased. After all, you have less chance of becoming unbalanced on a tricycle for the elderly, so that you fall less quickly. Many accidents in the elderly occur when getting on and off the bicycle and braking. The advantage of a tricycle is that your bike cannot fall over due to the side wheels when getting on and off. Braking in front of a traffic light is also no problem. You simply brake very gently and sit on your bike while you wait for the green light. It is not necessary to dismount and there is the chance of falling. Even if you have to brake abruptly, for example, you do not have to be afraid of crashing with the bicycle; the three wheels ensure that you stay safely in the saddle.

The tricycle for the elderly provides vitality

The tricycle for the elderly therefore ensures that you stay on the bike more stable and safer. This of course automatically ensures that you stay more vital, because you keep moving. Older people are often advised to purchase a mobility scooter when cycling becomes difficult. A mobility scooter keeps you mobile, of course, but you will not experience the same benefits as if you continue cycling. After all, when you keep cycling, your muscles stay strong and you stay in good shape. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want that in their old age?

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